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Why so many J27 web sites?

There are currently three web sites dedicated to the J27:

This one. http://j27.wikispaces.com/. It is unique in that it is the “unofficial” site, and its content is material only put out by owners and users of the J27, not by the class association nor the manufacturer(s). Want to know how the people that sail the boat rig it? Want to know how to secure a trailer, and what size trailer is needed as reported by those who actually tow the boat? Want to know how to seal the windows using an “unapproved” material? You will find it here.

This site is an outgrowth of conversations that have occurred among members of the Yahoo J27 Group as well as information that people have entered into the pages of the site on their own.

There is no official webmaster. David Epstein started it, and others have added material, had a photo contest, etc. when they saw fit. Want something posted or some information given out? You may do it yourself.

The “official” site of the J27 class association, http://www.j27.org/, home of the bouncing letters that follow your curser around. I’m not sure who the webmaster is, but they have the official news from the class association, including dates and locations of the national class championship, results of various races, etc. If you want anything posted, you must ask them to do it, and they are currently (in 2009) asking on their home page for a site for the 2007 North American championship.

The “official” site of the JBoat manufacturer’s interest in the J27. http://www.jowners.org/ You must register to be accepted as a user of the site, and you must be an owner or manufacturer before you will be accepted. They have many pages with names related to various repairs, rigging, setting up, sailing, etc. but on going to those pages they turn out to be blank. That is because this is the newest site, still under construction, and the intention is that those subjects will be covered later.

The webmaster is listed on the site, and the site is owned by JBoats. This author asked if they might be interested in merging with the Wiki site and was told, “No thanks, there is too much information given out by users groups that is inaccurate , so we stay away from sites like that.”

Feel free to add information to this site whenever you want. It is the one that is run by the boat owners themselves and relies on the experiences and knowledge shared by those owners for the good of the J27 community. You might also attach your name so we can thank you for your help.

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