How to edit or add pages to this site:

When you are a member of this site you can change just about anything in the site as well as add pages to it. That’s the main reason a wikispace format is used … so anyone can be the webmaster. Below are the three most common changes you may want to make. Once they are mastered, check the “help” at the top, right of any page to learn how to change anything else.

Correction - anybody can edit! You do not even need to be a wikispaces member!
4/11/2011 - unfortunately membership is now required due to some abusive modifications.

Editing pages:
1) Click on the name of the page in the navigation column
2) Click on “edit this page” at the top of the page
3) For simple text editing, click on “text editor” at top of page
4) Scroll through the page until you find the place you want to change or add to.
5) Pick your type style from the bar at the top of the page. (B=bold, I=italic, U=underline, A=font, size of font, color of font, background color, and alignment. Be sure and click “apply style” to change the font.
6) When done adding or editing, consider adding a note near the bottom briefly saying what you changed or why.
7) Click “preview” at top of page to view what you changed without committing to it.
8) Click “continue editing” to continue editing (duh), “save” to save your changes or additions, or “cancel” to start over or quit without a change.

Making “hyperlinks”
To make “hyperlinks” (where you click on some phrase to go somewhere else, such as clicking on a name to go to your mail program to send mail to that person), use the format: "[[ | my favorite web site]]" which puts double squared parentheses, where you want to go, single straight up/down line, what words you want shown on the page, and double squared parentheses, with no spaces on either side of the straight up/down line. Without the spaces on either side of the straight line, it then shows as my favorite web site but clicking on that takes you to our home page.

Adding pages:
1) You must be a member to add a page, so click on “join this Wiki” at the top of the left hand (navigation) column and follow the instructions to join.
2) Click on “new page” at the top of the navigation column (it only shows if you are a member)
3) Enter the name of your new page. It will be easiest for us if it is the same name that will be used in the navigation column.
4) Make your page using the instructions for “editing pages” above, ending with clicking on “save” near bottom of page.
5) Add the page to the navigation bar (on the left side) by clicking “edit navigation” at the bottom.
6) Click on “text editor”
7) Add the name of the page EXACTLY as you named it, alphabetically, by placing it in “squared,” double parentheses [[name]]
8) Click “preview’ to see what you did, “save” to save, or “cancel” to start over.