Up to date class rules can be found on the J27 class web site.

J27 Class Rules

Other Rule Items

Spinnaker and whisker poles

  • Use of spinnaker/whisker pole to leeward in reaching situations - This used to be forbidden by the RRS but is no longer.
  • The allowable length of a racing non-spinnaker whisker pole seems to vary by area, in some areas it is defined in terms of LP, others in terms of J. See your local PHRF regulations to make sure that you are legal in your own area.

RRS Rule Questions

For a nice explanation of and quiz on the rules see Rules Quiz.

1) Two boats enter the 2 length zone of the upwind mark at about the same time. One on port, one on starboard. The mark is to be rounded to port. The starboard boat is pretty much on the lay line to fetch the mark. The port boat will have to tack around the mark, and calls for 'room at the mark'. Based on the `overlapped inside boat' having the right to room at the mark. The starboard boat did not give room, and the port boat had to duck under starboards stern before tacking to make the mark. -- Does the starboard boat have to give room? This would have forced him to tack away from the mark.

SHORT ANSWER - NO. See rule 18. Starboard boats don't have to give room to a port tack boat at a rounding. On windward mark roundings boats on opposite tacks treat it as if the mark isn't there. If the port tack boat were to have tacked under the starboard boat, that is fine as long as he doesn't force the now windward boat head to wind.

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