Coming Attractions:

One of the ways of getting the best info for this site is by including the best info from the Yahoo Group.
I have gathered several topics that were discussed, and now we need someone to take one of the topics, read the e-mails, and write up a sensible document about the issue, bringing the best information to the J-27 family.

Can you help with one (or more)? Find a topic, click on "edit this page", then click on "text editor", put your name after the subject you chose, then push "save."

Then look through the messages (there is an index to the subect of each Yahoo message to help get you started) and give us the best info the Yahoo Group has to offer.

When you are done, write to David for further instructions.

Here are SOME of the issues we hope to include from the Yahoo Group:

Improving on and repairing the main traveller system
Outboard motor storage
Fuel tank storage
Bottom paint and application
Window replacement
Is PHRF fair to the 27? Can it be?
Setting up the J-27 for Cruising (David said "call this section 'buying a Beneteau'")
Repairing stanchion bases
Replacement winches
Trimming the blade
Rudder questions
What to watch for when buying a J-27
And there are several more that COULD be included.

This may be a huge task, but a very valuable one, and very easy one with the help of all you owners. Can you imagine if all this info had been available when you bought your boat? How about helping make it available to the next owners of 27's.