A history of many boats in the J-27 fleet.

Please add historical information on your boat:
Hull 1
Hull number one was owned by Fred Hartner and named Mystique out of New JErsey. Rumors surround this boat and claim it originally had a single spreader rig that proved underpowered, so the Johnstons switched it and all of the rest of the boats to the current double spreader Hall spar. She is also reported to have 1" less height on the cabin top than the rest of the boats.

Hull 7
Was owned by Fred Darlington of Rhode Island and named Alibi. She won a North American Championship in the mid 1990's. Fred sold her in mid 90's.

Hull #17:
Mike Tambone, "Jambo!". Bought in 2003, home port in Glen Cove, NY at the Hempstead Harbour Club. Originally known as "Risky Business" in San Diego. The boat is cited in Appeal 71 of the Racing Rules for an incident that occurred in 1996 (which she lost). Risky Business was sold and relocated to Stonington, CT. Installed B&G H1000 system in 2003. We've raced one-design on Long Island Sound for several years from the Cedar Point YC before moving to Hempstead Harbor.

Hull #18:
Ian Sloan, "Stranger" Hull #18, bought 2006, berthed in Anacortes.

Formerly "Hravn" of Bellingham, before that "Airtight" of Seattle.

Boat has a long history of racing in the Pac NW. We race and cruise the boat 9 months of the year including many long distance and doublehanded races. The J27 is one of the best small boats I've ever sailed. It is very fast for its size and easily sailed by a small crew. We consistently beat up on forty foot cruising boats and often on thirty to thirty five foot racers. Current top speed: 15.9 knots. Current doublehanded top speed: 13.9 knots.

The boat has been continually upgraded including lots of sails (#1, assym kite, #4, storm jib/staysail on removable inner forestay, etc...), new deck gear, new running rigging, new foredeck hatch, new rudder, UHMW to replace most exterior wood, upgraded electronics/vhf, computer interface for distance racing, stereo with cockpit speakers, etc, etc, etc... In the works are a complete deck job, new floors, new standing rigging, more new sails, the usual!

See my business website Counter Current Marine for some pictures and videos of racing this sweet little boat, and of course some info on what I do!

Hull #19 Taz
I bought it from Huntington, NY in 2/2006. It was named Harts Rousch when I bought it. Do not know any prior history, but would love to find out more.

I have done a lot of work on the boat so far including:
New interior floors
New Mast with new standing and running rigging
New rope clutches
New Lifeline Stanchion Bases
New instruments mounted on mast
All deck hardware holes over drilled, filled, and rebedded
Interior teak bulkheads cleaned, sanded and varnished
Most of interior re-painted (work in progress)
Has some wet core in the typical J/27 places, which I will probably fix next spring
Still has original Bomar hatches, which will probably get replaced in the spring too

My yahoo group is: http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/Taz-Racing/ where there are some pictures and other Taz related stuff.

Hull number 24 started life in Detroit and raced MORC out of Bayview Yacht club as Shooting Star. I bought her in 1991 and had it shipped to Tawas Bay Yacht Club and renamed her "JT'sBaby". She had a very successful racing career in Tawas, multiple time Lake Huron Boat of the year winner, Multiple time Detroit Fall series champion, she won her class at Key West race week in 1997 and two time J/27 North American Champion, 1996 & 1997. Under my ownership she underwent a complete renovation, new floors, new bunk on port, new interior paint. Faired and epoxy coated the bottom, twice which made a huge difference in light air and painted the topsides a light grey. She was a sweet boat, I miss her very much. In 1998 she went to Conneticut, was renamed Bangarang and with the help of the Zaleski brothers from Z-sails, won another North American Championship. I am pretty sure she is the only 3 time North American Championship winner. She was sold again and now I have lost track of her, if anyone knows where she is, I would love to know. I can be contacted at chrisprincing@chartermi.net

Hull #25
I bought the boat in Rhode Island in 2005. Formerly named "Bigoudin" and before that "Wild Turkey". Was owned by Chelsea sailing for a time, would like to know any more history on the boat.

It was a wreck of a boat when I found it. It had a HUGE area of wet core in the hull, water leaked into the hull at the starboard quarter from day1 out of the factory (Thanks T&P!) and traveled diagonally down to the keel at the forward bulkhead. I replaced 50 sf of core, most from the inside. Re-cored the rudder, and the normal spots on the deck, under winches, genoa track, stanchion bases etc. Repainted the hull and went through the whole boat. Replaced all running rigging and added roller furling. It is now a beautiful boat. Built a trailer for it myself, a copy of the Triad model.

It is now sailed out of Burlington Vermont on Lake Champlain. I sail it about 1000 NM a season. It is a pure joy to sail. Great in light air and can handle anything that Lake Champlain can throw at it. Nicest boat I have ever sailed on.

Hull # 59 (January 1985 Build Date):
Originally from Texas (as Silver Bullet)...relocatted to Buffalo NY (as Jackpot) and subsequently Riverside NJ. Rumoured to have been fully templated, faired & barrier coated by Waterline Systems at that time. Purchased in 2001 (3rd Owner) and relocated to that place where all once fast classes retire (Canada). Interior reconditioned in 2001, Bottom Re-faired & Re-BarrierCoated in 2007. Currently sailed on Lake Ontario/Toronto region as "Curved Air". Full Quantum Fusion M Inventory. "Classic" Sailcomp & Signet Knotlog replaced 2008 with Tacktick Micronet System. Running rigging & blocks being continuousley upgraded to Vectran core cordage & Harken Carbos. 2nd Overall IRC Canadians 2010, Toronto NOOD & Twice Youngstown Levels Class Winner.

Hull # 66:
I would like to introduce myself as Charles Spooner, owner of one of the missing Js, hull number 66 (1985). I gather that you are the one responsible for updating the web site listings.

I bought her late last year, bringing her down from the Long Island Sound to the NY Harbor. She is officially registered in NYC but during the season I will be keeping her docked at Port Liberte, Jersey City a marina/housing development down by the Statue of Liberty.

What to name her is still a subject of some controversy, but is being addressed.

As ever on any boat there is work that needs to be done and so I have been reading the various posts on the web site and will have to find out how to post my questions.

No doubt I will have plenty of my own – an initial query would be does anyone know the correct torque for the keel bolts? I see that the subject was discussed but that there was no definitive answer. The joint at the keel needs to be resealed before the boat goes back in the water.

The boat definitely needs updating – an ongoing project.

Thanking you for your help in updating the listings.

Charles Spooner
(Charles - I'd love to reply but don't have your email. Please add it to your listing on the Class list page or send it to me directly. -- David)

Hull # 72:
Built in 1985, originally from Canada. Sailed out of Buffalo NY as Vortex. Then neglected and seldom used as Hanna Ruth out of Rochester NY. I bought her in Feb of 07. I have not sailed her yet. I have replaced the cabin sole, the plywood under the berth cushions. Replaced all the bilge & scupper hoses. The forward hatch has been replaced, a source of a lot of the internal water. I need to tackle a soft cabin top, and re-bed everything. I plan to take her to NC in early 2010 and hopefully will compete as a member of the Pamlico Sailing Club. A lot of work to be done before then.
Leo Zimmermann

Hull # 84:
Bruce Peever, Willy-T, Hull #84; Built in 1985; Bought it in 2007 when she was berthed in Kenora, ON. She was called Slo-Poke for some awful reason and had previously been in Coburg, ON and before that Buffalo, NY. I think she was called No Quorum when she was in Buffalo.
Hauled her out of Northern Ontario in May 2007 and sailed out of Bronte Harbour in Oakville, ON last year. I moved to Sarnia,ON this past winter and sailed on Lake Huron this summer.
The bottom is in great shape but the cabin top is full of stress cracks from years of racing and lack of care.
Anyway, it has been a lot of fun learning to race her and maintain her in fighting trim.
I bought the boat from Bruce on e-bay and plan on moving Willy-T to Georgian Bay and sailing out of Collingwood, ON. Looking forward to learning the ropes on my first keel boat after many years of Dinghy sailing.

Hull # 85:
David Cattle - Blackadder - Built 1985 and raced out of New Jersey as Sooner II, but not with any success - Purchased her in 1993 as part exchange for my then C+C 35 III. Kept her on Long Island Sound for a year but only sailed her once or twice, my first spin boat. Trailed her to Lake Erie where she sat collecting water for 2 years and eventually moved to San Diego in 1996 where we actually started using her. Now berthed at Kona Kai marina in San Diego, she has won overall PHRF honors for the last 3 years. These are just fabulous offshore and long distance boats as welll as formidable flat water machines.

Hull #99
Peter Broecker - "Messing About" - formerly "Jenny Lou". Bought her in late 2007 out of Buffalo. She sailed out of Ollcott NY for some years, before that, out of Hilton Head. She is now part of the fleet at Queen City Yacht Club in Toronto. Last winter I removed buckets of wet core, rebedded all hardware, re-varnished all woodwork, added double lifelines, a new propane stove, new potti, autohelm, GPS, and more. Had a rather mixed first season, from coming 1st in a 300km race, to bad boatspeed in club races. Have to learn to shift gears earlier and stop pinching. Have to communicate better with the crew. For 2009, I will concentrate on boatspeed only. The boat is everything I wanted and then some.
Peter sold the boat to Andre Beese and Family in 2011 and she went to the 'NEW' home of 27's, Oakville Yacht Squadron on Lake Ontario. A great purchase for us as this Fleet keeps growing here as does our rekindled love for the sport.

Hull #101
Garen Miller purchased "Hurricane" from a private owner in Sarasota Florida in 2003. She was lying at Sarasota Sailing Squadron and was reported to have lost many races there. She was in terrible shape, with a number of breaches in the starbord hull. Now fully restored and renamed, OB LA DI is an active racer and cruiser at Lake Carlyle in Carlyle, IL. The boat was originally blue, with a gold water line mark. Now repainted Red due to the previous owners misdeeds, you can see her owners website and the restoration at www.j27racing.com.

In 2010, OB LA DI was hauled for a refit. She now sports a retractable bow sprit and new sail innovatory along with new electrics and wireless instruments.

Hull #128 and #162
We have 2 J27’s. His and hers and they are both raced on Lake Lanier.

Hull #145:
I have J 27 # 145 and have sailed it quite hard for 20 years and it is still going strong and somewhat competitive ( I also have a Melges 24 and sail on a J-80) and often beat these boats over the line in certain conditions and course selection.

The boat name is Silver Bullet and its sail # is USA 42370

We sail on the Great South Bay on Long Island, but have traveled to J 27 races in Lake Erie, LI Sound, New Jersey, Miami, Tampa, Key West, and St Petersburg Fl.

I have my own Sailloft located in a boatyard here on Long Island and we have serviced a few J-27's and are currently speeding up J-27's through a sail development program along side the J-80's. We have dramatically increased our speed with new designs in the mains and spinnakers and I am currently looking into retrofitting the J-27 to have a retractable bowsprit as it would be devastating to the J-80 fleet as we are a equal or faster boat for boat upwind and lose time when the legs are light air reaches. It is still an amazing boat after 20+ years.

Hull #146:
1987 Blizzard 2. We purchased "Rhodes Runner" from the first owner Phil Rhodes in 2001. Her first home port was Lake Norman, NC 1987-2001. From 2001-2007 Blizzard's port was SSA in Annapolis MD. Blizzard was moved to Marion MA in 2007, and is presently sailed on Buzzards Bay.

Matt Iverson & Jane Tucker
Blizzard 2, Marion MA

Hull #150:
Nut Case #150 1987 bought November 2007 from Mystic Connecticut. Now berthed in tatamagouche, Nova Scotia, Canada
Note the boat was at one time Lickety - Split from Philadelphia, PA and at another was Reckless Disregard. Sail number is 50757


Hull #154
Stiletto. Built in 1987 and delivered to Lake George, NY where it was sailed for 19yrs. Boat was named Solus and as condition reflects, was very lightly used and well cared for. Hauled to Olcott, NY (Lake Ontario) in 2006, now enjoys phrf racing and fortunate to have 6-8 other 27s on the lake to race against at least once per summer. Hardware rebedded in 2006, foils faired, windows replaced in 2007, maybe one of the nicest J27s around.
Purchased by Peter Hall in June, 2010 and sailed out of Portland Yacht Club in Falmouth, Maine. Survey good. All cabin top hardware rebedded 2010. Blocks near traveller and genoa tracks rebedded 2010. Removed speedo thru hull and filled. Tabbing reattached. Replaced depth sounder with tack tick 2010. Rudder gudgeons rebedded with new backing plywood 2010. Bottom stripped and epoxy barrier coat applied along with VC Offshore 2010. New lifelines and halyards 2010.

Hull #166
Juggernaut, #166, was purchased by me in 1993 from J Boats / Chesapeake in Annapolis. The boat was built in 1988 and was named Dodger when I bought it. In 1992, Dodger was the NA Champion. I am only the second owner of #166 and have only raced the boat once in a one design class, which was in 2004 at the Annapolis NOOD's. I do not have a trailer, so traveling from Deltaville, VA to compete in regattas more than 60 - 100 miles is a real pain. Juggernaut has done very well sailing in PHRF over the years.

Mike Dale
Hull #166

Hull #177
#177 Independence bought from J-Boats Chesapeake outta the Liberty Sailing Club 1995.

Hull #189
"Flexible Flyer' purchased 2011 by Rob Doran, Scarborough, Maine. Formerly; 'Gnosis' (George Anderson) Narragansett, RI, 2004 to 2011; 'Force Five' (Sideris family) Lake Winnipesaukee, NH, 1995 to 2004; 'Force Five' (Mike & Connie Jackson) Lake Winnipesaukee, NH, 1991 to 1995

SA 195
Hull built by Davidge Pitts who introduceed the class to South Africa
Boat Name on the Rampage.

Hull #204 Smackwater Jack
Built in August 1995 by Manuel Mendes. Newest J27 I know of.
First owner Pedro Scabort. Sold to Anthony Steward in 1998 (claim to fame as solo circumnavigator in smallest open boat). Sold to JJ Moorcroft in 2000 - boat was moved to Mossel Bay.
Sold to Trygve Roberts in 2003 - name changed to Smackwater Jack. Moored at RCYC, Cape Town.
Sold November 2008 to Paul Smithson. Boat will be relocated to Tanzania - near Dar Es Salaam.
Current South African IRC Class 2 National Champion titleholder.