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Lots of photos of Nut Case's (#150) restoration and sailing. An especially complete photo section on side deck recoring!

Another look at restoration and sailing, this one of Ob La Di (#101) by Garen Miller.

Some of Ian Sloan's Stranger (#18) videos

More from IanAnd from JoyFoulweather RaceSwiftsure 2007

Lake Ontario J/27s At Play

Mike Hoyt, in Nut Case #150, unceremoniously returning to the starting line after a "perfect" start. As he says it, "Our best photo sequence from 2008 results from a blown start where the start flag was approx 7 seconds late from the 5, 4 and one minute flags. We were over early and did not realize it initially. Note that this was a 50 mile race so we certainly did not want a DSQ."

A you tube video of "Coyote", a boat we don't have listed. Anyone know of it?

No J-27 site is complete without some of Trygve's photos of Smackwater Jack (#204).

And here's a video of Smackwater Jack.
Photos and video of J27 #12
Recoring and Restoration of J27 #1