Mast Measurement

As measured: 40' 2.25" (12.251m +/- 2mm)
As specified in the Class Rules: 40' 2.8"


In March of 1993, JBoats provided the following rigging information:
Note that this main sheet length will only support a 4:1 + fine tune purchase system.

Rigging (the Next Generation)

Since the release of this information cordage technology has significantly improved. Here are some updated suggestions:

All halyards have an eye splice for a shackle at one end and a reeving splice at the other. The portions outside of the mast are stripped to reduce weight. The reeving splice saves a tremendous amount of time when replacing halyards. Simply cut the old shackle off, securely tie and tape a short length of thin nylon cord to the end, tie a bowline through the reeving splice, and gently pull the new halyards through.

The Main sheet has an eye splice at one end and an end whip at the other. The Jib sheets have end whips at both ends.

Main Halyard
Crystalyne (Vectran)
5/16” (8mm)
88’ (35’ stripped)
Jib Halyard
Crystalyne (Vectran)
5/16” (8mm)
70’ (27’ 5” stripped)
Spin Halyard
Maxi Braid Plus (Spectra)
5/16” (8mm)
70' (27’ 6” stripped, stopper ball)
Main Sheet
Swiftcord (Dyneema)
3/8” (9mm)
Jib Sheet
Paraloc Marlin (Dyneema)
3/8” (10mm)
Spinnaker Sheet


At 55', as originally specified, the spinnaker sheets are too short when the chute is stowed in the companionway.

Additional Spinnaker Sheet Comments

  • Some people avoid shackles entirely, preferring to use only bowlines, since they can be lethal when the kite flogs and heavy in light air
  • You can splice 3/16" Technora (or Amsteel) and 5/16" Stayset - the lightness of about 15' of exposed Technora gives the effect of light air sheets while the polyester cover gives a nice feel and winching surface

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