Websites with lessons:

The following websites have a story to tell of repair or additions which help fix the J27 or help make the J27 a faster boat. We will try on this page to give a brief description of what you will find at the site, and we will give a link to help you find it.

If we haven't listed yours yet, list it for us, please! There will be more soon as we dig them up.

Hull #150 "Nut Case"
Mike Hoyt chronicles his work on Nut Case, from bringing it back to life after buying it, to bringing it to a like new condition. It includes his work on the interior, the bottom, fixing the deck, just about everything there is to be done, he's done it. Wonderful photos as well.

Hull #101 "ObLaDi"
Garen Miller has a site showing most of the basics, interior repairs, exterior paintings, etc.

Yahoo Group site
Don't forget all the photos that owners have put on the Yahoo Group site showing repairs and additions. You must be a member of the Yahoo Group to access the photos, but you also get regular e-mails from the other members with an incredible wealth of information.